The Platform

Aidcube Platform Overview

The AidCube platform provides benefits for healthcare professionals, providers & health plans as well as patients. The two main components of the platform are the Patient App and a the Clinicians Web portal. The patient uses the app at home, on a tablet or smartphone and the healthcare professional uses the web portal.

Multidisciplinary Rehabilitation

Customized Multidicipline Protocols

The AidCube platform is a flexible multidisciplinary rehabilitation tool. We work with providers to adapt existing best practice clinical protocols. Furthermore, we provide a number of build in protocols, developed by leading clinical specialists in disease/treatment areas such as Advanced Lung Disease, Heart Disease, Alzheimer’s/Dementia and Fall Prevention.

Based on the selected protocol, a customized rehabilitation plan is build, to fit the individual patient’s needs.  As an example, the components of a personalized plan for an Advanced Lung Disease patient could comprise tasks and activities such as cardio exercises, strength exercises, breathing techniques, health questionnaires, monitoring of vital signs and instructional videos.

The graphic on the right shows how our mobile platform enables healthcare professionals to deliver personalized clinical therapy and receive feedback from a COPD-patient.

Example: Use of AidCube for connected COPD rehabilitation

Analytics & Overview

Data-Supported Care Decisions

AidCube Analytics allows care providers to collect patient data, analyze it and use it to improve decision-making.
In the Clinician Webportal, the care team can easily access an overview of patients’ health status and adjust the treatment plans on a continuous basis to improve care. Furthermore, our scoring algorithms are used for flagging patients that may need attention.

Real Time Data Analysis

Our platform provides access to real-time patient data which allows providers to be proactive when a patient’s condition changes. The reporting tools will automatically update as new patient-reported data arrives, giving care providers an up-to-date overview of patient’s health and the means to perform preventive analysis.

Communication & Collaboration

Effective Patient-provider Communication

Our solution empowers patients and their care providers to communicate effectively by enabling real-time and asynchronous exchange of information. The care provider can send instant messages from the healthcare portal to a patient’s tablet or mobile phone. The patient receives a notification about the incoming message and is able to respond immediately.

As a supplement to hospital visits, care providers can conduct online-based video consultations with patients in remote locations, mitigating barriers of distance, time, cost and convenience. Integrating online counseling in home-based rehabilitation programs, helps care providers deliver improved care for people with disabilities or those living in rural areas, who have limited access to transportation.

Feedback and Rewards

AidCube HomeRehab provides several rewards systems aiming to increase patients’ motivation and commitment to following their treatment plan. The rewards system includes care providers’ positive feedback on patients’ progress including successful completions of exercises. Another type of feedback is given automatically, by displaying a smiley on the patient’s dashboard that changes its mode depending on how well the patient comply with his or her treatment.

From the feedback we have receive from COPD patients who have used Aidcube’s app function, we have learned that some patients find it very motivating to achieve a “happy smiley”.